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Take advantage of 50% recurring monthly.

Each time you refer a customer to use and they pay us for a service you get 50% of each payment deposited into your affiliate account with us.

Once it reaches $50 you can withdraw at ANY time. And we'll even send you a monthly report of all your earnings to your email on the first of each month.

All of your clicks and payments are all tracked automatically in real time with our amazing affiliate system.

So take advantage of this, if you have forum accounts or have a high traffic website, put up a banner it's the easiest way of getting clicks/sales.

Another option is to set up a website or landing page, rank it and than buy from us when you get an order for a server/vps or Cpanel account. Or just put your affiliate link on the website you created.

Than just use some SEO Tools to rank your website or landing page.

We're always here to help you with this and I can personally show you some tricks in getting your sales moving or even show you some really good tricks for marketing!

We support also Reselling under your Own Brand!

Please note that paypal has a few exceptions due to their policy!

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